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Jun 3 14

Fast Cash Loan

by admin

Fast Cash Loan at Fast Cash Loan available above. Need help paying the bills? National cash lenders can give you quick cash NOW. Your first time advance can be up to $1000 . Come see us for all your payday cash advances we can help. Upon approval, you will be contacted by phone to confirm the amount of your first cash advance and repayment date. We do not check your credit with the major bureaus, however we do utilize TeleCheck, TeleTrack, and Scan.

Your acceptance of our Master Cash Advance Agreement terms and conditions, provides pre-authorization. Related terms include payday loans mason ohio, instant pay day advances, payday advance franchises, new improved payday cash advance loans, and cash advance sedalia missouri. Requests received on Friday, will arrive at your account Monday. In determining the approved amount of your first cash advance, we take into consideration your monthly net income. When you are short on cash and need some until payday see National Cash lenders.

Mar 23 14

How to approach the bank

by admin

Clients with long term requirement of funds (other than for working capital), may approach any of our Branches. The bank will process your requirement in line with our settled policy, as expeditiously as possible. Prompt, correct and complete information will help us to efficiently process the application.

We undertake financing to corporates on individual, consortium as well as under multiple banking arrangement.


We offer term finance at competitive rates. The interest rates on term loans are linked to Bank’s Prime Term Lending Rate (PTLR) which is different for different repayment periods. Rates are determined according to Risk Assessment of borrower.


Leasing offers yet another option to acquire capital assets. Bank offers Lease finance customized to your specific needs, For more details contact our nearest branch.

Advantages of Leasing

You as a lessee can avail of following benefits under leasing

1.Off Balance Sheet Financing

Since lease does not form part of the Balance Sheet, it does not affect the Debt-Equity ratio.

2.Tax Advantage

Lease financing may offer tax advantage to both the lessor & the lessee. The lessor (since he owns the asset) gets the advantage of depreciation for computing the taxable profits. The entire lease rent of the lessee is deductible as business expense for computation of his taxable profits.

3.Customized Repayment Structure

The lease can be structured to suit your specific requirements.

Mar 23 14

Term Loans

by admin

To meet your requirement for Capital Expenditure / Working Capital Term Loans, Bank extends loans for extended periods beyond one year, repayable as contracted. Following term loan facilities are available:

Short Term Loan Repayment period upto 3 years
Medium Term Loan Repayment period between 3 to 5 years
Long Term Loan Repayment period exceeding 5 years

Purpose of Term Loan

A term loan is normally required to meet the expenditures of a capital nature.

Business : Financing acquisition of fixed assets, balancing equipments, modernization/ upgradation of existing manufacturing facilities, vehicles, building construction or for setting up a new project.

Professional : Professional/ self employed individuals, Consultancy firms, Doctors etc. for acquiring office equipments (computers, printers etc.), machinery, vehicles, books, medical equipments, vehicles etc.

Road Transport Operator : Financing commercial vehicles.

Individuals : For acquiring homes/ renovating their houses/ flats, purchasing vehicles, consumer durables etc.

Farming : Loans for purchase of tractors, agricultural implements etc. For setting up projects like fisheries, poultry, cattle breeding etc.and crop loans to farmers.

Housing :To Corporates for housing projects, Real estate projects, under group housing schemes etc.

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Mar 23 14

Rate of Interest

by admin

Rate of Interest on Home Loans is 8.25% (Under Variable Rate Scheme for loan for period 1-10 years). For more details, please contact our Customer Care Centre or your nearest branch or enquire through e-mail. Interest is calculated on daily reducing balance charged quarterly.

Repayment Term

You can decide your loan tenure subject to:

Maximum tenure 5 Years – extended upon 10 years in case of professionals like Doctors/Engg.
The loan term should not extend beyond your retirement or 55 years of age.
Loan Prepayment without charges.
You have the option of prepaying the loan ahead of schedule either in part or in full. No prepayment fee will be charged on the amount being prepaid. However, incase of loan being taken over by other Banks/Housing Finance Companies, prepayment charges are applicable.


In case of any further clarifications mail the Query Form

you can avail a Home Loan from Bank if you plan to construct or purchase a house/ flat or extend your existing house/flat. You must be:

A Non-Resident Indian citizen holding a valid Indian passport
Over 25 years of age.
A salaried individual.

You can get a Home Loan ranging from a minimum of Rs.0.2 million to Maximum of Rs. 5 Million subject to:
A maximum of 75% of the cost of the property or the cost of construction as applicable
Your loan eligibility based on your repayment capacity as determined by us, taking into account your/your co-applicant’s financial position etc.


Mar 23 14

Home Loan

by admin

Wherever you are, whatever you do one thing that you always have in the depth of your heart is a place to own, back home. It is not only a dream that represents years of efforts, extra hours of work, sacrificed luxuries, and above all sustained pleasure of creating wealth little by little to afford your dream. Your home!. It is one thing that relates to and strengthens your roots with your motherland.Your Home.

We are with you to help you fulfill your passion for a home of your own. Presented to you right at the place of your work. Just down load our loan application form and send it across to us with the required documents.

Home Loan Scheme :


Our Home Loans range from a minimum of Rs. 0.2 million to a maximum of Rs.5 million. The Bank finances up to 75% of the property cost/the cost of construction (as applicable).

Processing fee : 0.50% of loan amount payable with the application.

Administrative fee : 0.50% on acceptance of the sanctioned loan.

Repayment Capacity

Your repayment capacity is determined by us with your consultation after taking into account your/your co-applicant’s age, income, financial position etc.

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Mar 23 14

Global Mobile Banking

by admin

Configuring SMS (Short Messaging System)

Global Mobile Banking operates through Short Messages. You will need a mobile phone enabled for SMS. If you already activated the Mobile Messaging service, you do not need to do this again. This is a one time activity & has to be done only while activating this service.

How to Send a Transaction

Key in the key words for the transaction you want using your Mobile Phone and send it to the following number . Prefer using upper cases while punching the message. With in a matter of seconds, you will get the reply of your transaction on your mobile phone screen as a text messages.


How to Read Replies

In a few seconds after sending message you will hear a beep on your mobile phone, it means that the information you want has arrived. To read the information, go through the menu & select the “Read Messages” option. The message will then appear on your Mobile Phone screen.