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How to approach the bank

by admin on March 23rd, 2014

Clients with long term requirement of funds (other than for working capital), may approach any of our Branches. The bank will process your requirement in line with our settled policy, as expeditiously as possible. Prompt, correct and complete information will help us to efficiently process the application.

We undertake financing to corporates on individual, consortium as well as under multiple banking arrangement.


We offer term finance at competitive rates. The interest rates on term loans are linked to Bank’s Prime Term Lending Rate (PTLR) which is different for different repayment periods. Rates are determined according to Risk Assessment of borrower.


Leasing offers yet another option to acquire capital assets. Bank offers Lease finance customized to your specific needs, For more details contact our nearest branch.

Advantages of Leasing

You as a lessee can avail of following benefits under leasing

1.Off Balance Sheet Financing

Since lease does not form part of the Balance Sheet, it does not affect the Debt-Equity ratio.

2.Tax Advantage

Lease financing may offer tax advantage to both the lessor & the lessee. The lessor (since he owns the asset) gets the advantage of depreciation for computing the taxable profits. The entire lease rent of the lessee is deductible as business expense for computation of his taxable profits.

3.Customized Repayment Structure

The lease can be structured to suit your specific requirements.

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